August 2019 Roundup

Almost forgot to publish the roundup for August. lol


  1. Celtic Faeries by Jean-Baptiste Monge
  2. Joe Jusko's Marvel Masterpieces
  3. Painting Watercolours on Canvas by Liz Chaderton
  4. The Making of Alien
  5. Mauritius Sketchbook by Sophie Ladame
  6. The Art of Missing Link
  7. Look Closer, Draw Better: Expert Techniques for Realistic Drawing
  8. Draw People Every Day by Kagan McLeod
  9. The Art of Heikala: Works and thoughts
  10. Beyond the Shroud: A World Unseen by Mike Corriero
  11. Cozy Days: The Art of Iraville
  12. Sketch with Asia: Manga-inspired Art and Tutorials by Asia Ladowska

Product reviews

  1. List of 100% cotton watercolour sketchbooks
  2. 2019 Perfect Sketchbooks By Erwin Lian & Etchr Lab
  3. Staining vs Non Staining Watercolour
  4. Stephen Quiller Watercolor
  5. ArtGraf 22cm Pencils
  6. Benu Green Tattoo fountain pen
  7. Cretacolor Marino Watercolor Pencils
  8. Renesans Intense Watercolour
  9. Jackson's Artist Watercolour Paint (tubes)
  10. Adonit Note stylus for iPads (2018 and newer)

Youtube videos

  1. Sketching at Chinatown (Aug 2019)
  2. Artist Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
  3. Detailed street scene sketch without lifting the pen
  4. Cretacolor Marino Watercolor Pencils (review)
  5. Drawing Trees and Leaves (book review)
  6. Ian Fennelly Inspired Sketch
  7. Stephen Quiller PY154, PR122, PB74 Limited Palette
  8. Huion KAMVAS 16 vs Pro 16 pen displays
  9. Overjoyed's new art store at The Cathay
  10. Sketchbook Tour - Feb to Aug 2019
  11. How to Think When You Draw Vol 1 & 2 (review)
  12. Review: Jackson's Artist Watercolour Paint (tube)
  13. Unboxing a XP-Pen gift box
  14. 2019 Perfect Sketchbooks by Erwin Lian & Etchr Lab
  15. Schmincke Turner's Yellow, Geranium Red and Delft Blue (Limited Palette)
  16. Book Review: How to Draw by Ian Sidaway & Susie Hodge
  17. ArtGraf 22cm Pencils (graphite and watersoluble)
  18. How to Get Started with Urban Sketching
  19. Top 10 Urban Sketching Books
  20. Robertson Bridge (Sketching Bridges of Singapore River)
  21. Renesans Intense Watercolours swatch & first impressions
  22. Sketching the Waag at Nieuwmarkt square (timelapse tutorial)
  23. QOR Nickel Azo + Quin Magenta + Ultramarine (Limited Palette)
  24. Urban Sketchbook Band II (book review)
  25. Lanaquarelle 100% Cotton Watercolour Paper (review)
  26. Testing some warm Yellows from Daniel Smith
  27. iPad note taking with Adonit Note (review)
  28. Art supplies goodies from USK Symposium Amsterdam

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